Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada is the sign that greats you in neon lights as you arrive onto the famous Strip of Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s big, it’s bright and it’s certainly a sign of what’s to come. Unapologetically loud and fun, if you embrace the Vegas vibe you’ll have the time of your life, and we did just that whilst celebrating my brother’s 40th birthday.  


Whichever hotel you choose in Vegas, make sure you’re in the central Strip area, you’ll have to do enough walking just to get out of the hotel. We stayed at two hotels during our trip.  

Caesars Palace 

I couldn’t help thinking of The Hangover when checking in to one of the most famous hotels on the Strip, resisting the temptation to ask if the real Caesar lived there. This hotel is epic, nearly 4000 rooms, swimming pools fit for an Emperor, countless shops and restaurants, and the Omnia nightclub, currently with a Calvin Harris residency on Fridays. 

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Palazzo at the Venetian 

The slightly younger sister to the famous Venetian hotel and still connected to the canals of Venice, the rooms here were incredible.   

The Venetian, Las Vegas


Vegas is home to thousands of eateries, you are literally spoilt for choice.  

Chica at the Palazzo 

This was the best Latin food we have ever had, from the Lobster Ceviche and Grilled Peruvian Octopus to the hot Churro Tower, it was increíble! 


If you’re in a group then reserving a table at a Las Vegas nightclub is the way to do it, and make sure you arrive early, this place get busy! 



The shows in Vegas are world-class, from 6 Cirque du Soleil shows to residencies and concerts from the biggest musicians. We opted for the alternative show Absinthe, a provocative circus inspired by the cabarets of late 19th century Europe. Incredible acts but not one for the easily offended! 


A visit to the historical heart of Las Vegas around Fremont Street is well worth it. With people ziplining above your head, the bright lights of the Golden Nugget shining and live music and street performers, this part of Vegas has a great atmosphere.  

Neon Museum  The Neon boneyard downtown is a fascinating (a very instagrammable) place. Home to the signs of Vegas past, enthusiastic guides shading themselves under umbrellas are keen to tell you about the stories behind the lights.  

The Neon Museum, Las Vegas


Visit the Grand Canyon 

A 4-hour drive from Vegas (via the Hoover Dam) or a short helicopter ride, will take you to one of the most impressive natural wonders I have ever seen.  We wanted to take on the challenge of hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, it is strongly advised not to attempt to hike to the bottom and back in a day (though some people do) so the only other option you have is to stay at the bottom, either in the Phantom Ranch or the Bright Angel campground. To stay inside the Grand Canyon requires a permit, so our challenge began with obtaining this several months before our trip via the lottery system, we were lucky and we got a permit for the campsite. Of course, this means that you have to carry your tent and sleeping gear with you (you can still book dinner and breakfast at the Phantom Ranch if staying at the campground). After driving from Las Vegas, we stayed in the town of Tusayan close to the Canyon and managed to see the most amazing sunset from the Canyon rim. The next morning, we started our hike at 9am, this was too late to take the South Kaibab trail down and we opted for the shadier Bright Angel Trail which also has water stations along the route. This is a tough hike but it is absolutely stunning. 9 miles down and the heat is dangerous, 54 degrees at the bottom and suddenly you see the magnificent Colorado river in front of you which thankfully has streams across the trail to cool you down. We started out return hike the next morning at 5am getting as much of it done before the sun came up. 

Hiking the Grand Canyon


Have a flutter 

Although we didn’t partake in any gambling, casinos are literally everywhere in Vegas so whether you choose a slot machine or the tables there is no place anywhere in the World better to have a flutter. 

Go on a ride  

Whizz above the streets on a zipline, hit the High Roller largest wheel in the World and for ultimate thrill seekers the Stratosphere has three high adrenalin rides to throw you into the skyline of Las Vegas.