I’ve never got the hang of hula hooping but I can hang a hoop!

Giant wreaths made from a hula hoop, florists wire and foraged foliage

Arrange your foliage around the hula hoop, I used four large pieces of pine, two for each side. Make sure the branches start at the top and each side flows downwards

Secure the first piece of foliage at the top by wrapping wire around the stalk at the top of the hula hoop. Work your way down wrapping the foliage around the hoop approximately every 5cm

When you’re nearly the end of the first piece of foliage, thread in and start to wrap the next piece. Continue until you reach the bottom of the hula hoop

Repeat for the other side

Leave the wreath full, or if your prefer wrap wire around again securing in some more of the foliage for a neater look

Add a hanging ribbon to the top then decorate by tying on  baubles, pom poms, or colourful foliage